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Meet Our Team

Our staff members are bright, motivated, and compassionate. Learn about each of their stories and passions.

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Village Health Volunteers

These volunteers are women in our partner communities who help our team stay in touch with the villages we serve.

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Consulting Services

We are known for our consistently high-quality Training of Trainers, health and gender workshops, and customized trainings for Cambodian and international NGOs.

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Community Profiles

Take a look at our interactive map of partner communities, health centers, and hospitals, to get a clearer picture of the villages where our team works.

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Flooding In Battambang

In October of 2013, Battambang province and much of Cambodia experienced heavy rainfall that led to extensive flooding in many areas. The floods affected some of out travel, but we still got out there and were able to relay health messages to many villagers. Thank you to the communities that helped us during this trying […]

Our friend Sarah

This past fall we had to privilege to have Sarah Zelhart come from the United States and help us with accounting training and overall just be a positive presence in the Our Strength family. The tools and programs she showed us are still being utilized today by all staff members. We miss Sarah very much […]

Co-ed camp with Peace Corps

This upcoming February we will be working with Peace Corps volunteers in Pursat province which is about two hours away from Battambang province. The team is working diligently to have materials and activities prepared for many students in Pursat province. The activities and materials are being prepared for a co-ed camp that will focus on […]

Seeing our work’s immediate impact

We want to share this letter from Katie Muller, organizer of Camp GLOW (last week in Siem Reap), about the impact of our workshops: Teenage girls sharing the education they learn from Our Strength’s workshops with women they met on public transportation (a story from Camp GLOW organizer Katier Muller yesterday): “After studying about sexual […]

Reaching girls from across the region

“Your sex is from your body but gender comes from your community’s understanding. Women can be doctors, NGO managers, hard workers just like men, we just have to change our culture and communities.” – Our Strength founder Kunthea Ros at Camp GLOW in Siem Reap.  

Delivering Bicycles to our Village Health Volunteers

The bicycles have been purchased, tuned up, painted Our Strength blue, and are now being delivered to our Village Health Volunteers this week and next. Check out a few pictures from our staff carrying them to the village and two volunteers receiving them in Chettiel Village yesterday. Again, thank you to all of our generous […]

Can you donate $30 to buy a bicycle for one Village Health Volunteer?

Our Strength’s Village Health Volunteers are our first line of contact with the women we serve. They counsel women in their homes, accompany women to health centers and clinics, and organize all of the logistics for our workshops.When we asked them this week what they needed to do their jobs better, the answer was clear and unanimous: We […]

Congratulations Theary!

Big congratulations to our Village Health Volunteer Theary, who delivered a 3.4kg (7.5lb) healthy baby girl earlier this week! We’ve been with Theary through her whole pregnancy, from vaccines to her first ultrasound, and we’re so happy to help her welcome her new daughter into her family. អបរសាទរដល់បងស្រី ហេង ធារីដែលជាអ្នកស្មគ្រ័របស់ក្រុមយើងមកពីភូមិរកា។ បងស្រីទើបសំរាលកូនបាន៧ថ្ងៃមកហើយ និងគ្រួសាររបស់គាត់សប្បាយចិត្តជាខ្លាំងដោយម្តាយ និងកូនស្រីទី៤មានសុវត្ថិភាព និងមានសុខភាពរឹងមាំល្អ ជាពិសេសមានទំងន់ […]

Our Strength is building bridges

We are celebrating our first year when we worked with more than 900 women, taught hundreds of workshops, and built bridges of communication, access to health services, and collaboration between rural villages and health centers in Battambang. We have also formed partnerships with many other local and national organizations, who support our work as clients […]